A Great Restaurant on Tybee Island

A few months back I decided it was time for a little vacation, so I packed my bags and headed for the sunny beaches of Tybee Island Georgia. For anybody wondering, Tybee is a small island about a 20+ minute ride from the center of Savannah. I decided on Tybee for a couple of reasons. First, our family is fortunate enough to own an ocean front condo on the island that we were able to pick up for a tremendous price at one of Georgia’s monthly tax sales. Second, Tybee has a large selection of restaurants (40+) for such a small island and there are quite a few that I was very anxious to try.

I arrived on the island in the middle of October and the weather couldn’t have been any better. The daytime highs were in the low to mid 80’s, sunny blue skies everyday and there weren’t many tourists on the island. I had my week pretty well planned; relax, swim, surf, paddleboard and visit the islands sites during the day, and visit the local restaurants at night to partake in the cuisine and talk shop with the chefs.


Each restaurant I visited was exceptional, fantastic food, friendly staff and reasonable prices. About midweek I was told I should check out a little place on the north end of the island that was of favorite of the locals. I was warned that the place didn’t look like much from the outside (basically a local dive) and the menu was limited but, the food was exceptional, so I decided I would give it a try.

On Thursday after my daily activities I venture into a small, out of the way restaurant called Huc-A-Poos. Had I not been warned about this restaurant I probably would have never gone inside, but by the end of the night I was glad I did! The restaurant was kind of hard to find, it was nestled among some small local shops and set back away from the main road. The place wasn’t much to look at from the outside and the inside wasn’t very appealing either but, since I was there I decided to order. I was told that they were rated # 1 on the island for their pizza so I ordered 2 slices of pizza and a side salad.

It took about 20 minutes for my order to be prepared and I passed the time listening to a local band that was playing in the bar area. When the waitress brought out my meal I was pleasantly surprised. The portions were huge, the side salad would have been a meal by itself and the 2 slices of pizza were larger than a whole pizza that most restaurants serve. It only took one taste of their food to realize why it was a favorite of the locals, it had to be the best pizza it ever tasted (and I’ve sampled many from around the country). This place was truly a diamond in the rough and even though I wanted to finish the entire meal there was just too much but, I did have enough for lunch the next day.

As with any vacation the time flew by quickly and soon I had to leave this island paradise. However, I did find a new restaurant that I plan to visit at least once each time I return to Tybee. If you ever visit the island stop by Huc-A-Poos and order a slice of their pizza, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.