Hi, Im Ryan Timbrooke and I want to welcome you to The Food Bible and tell you a little about myself. Ive been involved in the food industry since I was a young boy. For as long as I can remember my parents owned and operated a restaurant, and I have spent many hours in the restaurant performing any and every task that needed to be done. Ive bussed tables, washed dishes, waited tables, cooked and managed the restaurant, so food has become not only become a major part of my life it has also become a passion.


I decided to create this site in order to share not only my passion for food and drink but also some recipes and experiences I have collected throughout out my career, along with the expert knowledge I have acquired on the subject of food and drink!


Besides my passion for food I also love to travel as often as time permits. And when Im on the road I always enjoy visiting other restaurants around the country to see if I can pick up something new to incorporated into our family restaurant. I often will visit a new restaurant and spend a considerable amout of time talking to the owners and chefs in order to expand my knowledge of food and drink. Over the course of time I have discovered new techniques, tips on food preparation and presentation and even managed to pickup a few secret family recipes.

My goal is to use The Food Bible as a type of journal where I can share the information and recipes that I have obtained. Besides recipes, I will be expanding the information on our site to include my reviews of restaurants that I visit, cooking tips and techniques, news related to the food industry, and of couse a section on healthy recipes, cooking and eating.

I hope you find the information and recipies I post on this site useful and I invite you to stop back often to see whats new.